BrightLine offer a choice of five different schools lessons on topics such as ‘Racism and Prejudice’ to ‘Does God Exist?’

Each lesson is run informally with ice-breaker games, personal stories and songs from the band, all based around a Christian ethos.

Our Lessons

The lessons we currently offer (click through for more details) are:

Lesson Requirements

  • Ideally 1 hour per lesson
  • Ideally the same room (School Hall or Drama Studio) for multiple lessons to save time setting up and down (The band have a lot of gear and it takes around two hours of set-up)
  • PowerPoint facilities, i.e. projector and/or screen (The band will bring their own MacBook and adapter)
  • A member of staff

Two weeks in advance, please send us the following:

  • A timetable

The band is made up of five members travelling with a sound engineer and they would appreciate lunch if possible!

Please see the Bookings page for details on how to book BrightLine to visit your school.