Racism and Prejudice

The lesson entitled Racism and Prejudice, otherwise known as ‘Man in the Mirror’ looks at the themes of prejudice and racism structured for Year 7 to Year 11.

Basic outline

  • Intro
  • Song
  • Game, about how individuals mask themselves to hide their true identity
  • Video
  • Point 1 (5 minute interactive talk): ‘How do we see ourselves?’ Explores what our self value is like, and encourages the pupils to look positively at their self image
  • Song
  • Point 2 (5 minute interactive talk): ‘How do we see other people?’ Starting by unpacking the Beatbox exercise. This section also looks at the story from the Bible The Good Samaritan, analyzing how we engage with different people within society with a special emphasis in ‘loving our neighbour as ourselves’
  • Song
  • Point 3 (10 minute interactive talk): ‘How does God sees us?’ This explores what it means for Christians to believe that God has a plan and purpose for our lives
  • Song
  • Q & A

Purpose of Lesson: To show the pupils the importance of respect for your ‘neighbour’ and a life with no prejudice.


  • Analyse the way that we see ourselves
  • Reflect upon their attitude towards people in their communities regardless of religion, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  • Explore the importance of respect within their communities and schools
  • Discover what God thinks about us
  • Evaluate how Christians find their sense of value through what the Bible says
  • Participate in games and activities
  • Listen and hear songs performed by the team relating to the theme
  • Have opportunity to ask the team any questions they may have relating to the subject of the lesson or the Christian faith