How do Christians relate to God?

The lesson entitled How Do Christians Relate to God?, looks at the themes of Christianity, Prayer, the Bible and the person of Jesus structured for Year 7 to Year 11.

Basic outline

  • Intro
  • Song
  • Game/Ice Breaker – Real or No Real?
  • Point 1 (5 minute interactive talk): Prayer – Explores what prayer is and how Christians relate to God in those conversations.
  • Song
  • Point 2 (5 minute interactive talk): The Bible – How Christians relate to God through the story of the bible. Is it relevant to us today?
  • Video
  • Song
  • Point 3 (5-10 minute interactive talk): Jesus – How christians believe that God was made knowable through the historical figure of Jesus and that he is still relevant for us today.
  • Q & A

Purpose of Lesson: To explain to the students how Christians relate to God. And ways that He guides the way that they live.


  • Explore the importance of Christianity today
  • Discover what God thinks about us
  • Evaluate how Christians find their sense of value through what the Bible says
  • Participate in games and activities
  • Listen and hear songs performed by the team relating to the theme
  • Have opportunity to ask the team any questions they may have relating to the subject of the lesson or the Christian faith
  • To share stories of the Christian faith