Waking on Waves

There is this story in the bible where Peter steps out of the boat onto the water. The only one to have done it, at least recorded in the bible, apart from Jesus.  We love adventure, stepping into new things. This song is about that, stepping in to the greatest adventure.

Walking on the waves
Walking just like Saint Peter
Takes a little faith
To make it through the storms that beat you

I’m not scared to run
Following the one
Who’s walking on the waves
Who’s walking on the waves

It’s You, give me strength to take this step
Into, the ocean waves that try to drag me
To the bottom of these waters
But I know you will never let me drown

Cause, I’ve never, ever, ever
Been this way before
But I know, I know, I know
It’s meant to be
Cause i’m only ever safe when I’m with you

Now I, I’m taking all my chances on
New life, Cause you have taken me beyond
Myself, Beyond all of my doubt I know that
You will, you will never let me drown