Treat Me Right

So many times the way that people see themselves is based on what others say about them. We meet so many people that have a negative view on themselves. We believe that God speaks a better word over them and sees them as unique with purpose. We wanted to write a song about this. Interesting fact about this particular song, it is the combination of two songs, “Treat Me Right” and an old song that we never released called “Keep My Eyes”.

I see your reflection
You’re beautiful
You see imperfection
But I see gold
Don’t let them play you
In their game of lies
Your life has a purpose
And you’re not their prize

Tell them “Treat Me Right”
I won’t settle for nothing less
Tell them “Treat Me Right”

You’re that summer sky, yeah you’re so beautiful
Don’t let people say your not worth waiting for
You deserve to be, treated like royalty
|Tell them “Treat me right!”
“Treat me right!”
“Treat me right!”
You deserve to be, treated like royalty
Tell them “Treat me right!”

You’re like a diamond
But your hearts so cold
Girl can’t you see that
You’re a precious soul
Don’t let them tell you
That your life’s worthless
You’re more than that one night
And those dirty texts

When you’re so broken that it’s hard to cry
When you feel like there’s no point in life
Please don’t let this be the end
When you’re waiting for the sun to rise
You can look into the father’s eyes
And see what true love really is