The lesson entitled ‘Self-Esteem’ looks at the the subject of self-image and how we view ourselves. This lesson is for Year 7 to Year 11.

     Basic outline

  • Intro
  • Song
  • Ice Breaker/Game
  • Video
  • Point 1: ‘You are Unique’. Looks at the way we see ourselves and talks about how everyone is one-of-a-kind and unique
  • Beatbox exercise
  • Point 2: ‘What does the media say about us?’ Talks about how the media has an impact on how we view ourselves and how a lot of times that can be a negative impact
  • Song
  • Point 3: Personal Story
  • Song
  • Q & A


Actual outline

‘Self-Esteem’ Lesson

Purpose of Lesson: Help the students realise where their worth can be found.


– Confront what society dictates about worth

– Encourage students to have a positive self image

– Discover what God thinks about us

– Evaluate how Christians find their sense of value through what the Bible says

– Participate in games and activities

– Listen and hear songs performed by the team relating to the theme

– Have opportunity to ask the team any question they may have relating to the subject of the lesson or the Christian faith