Rescue Me

I’m feeling like I’m standing here, waiting, knocking at the front door
I’m trying to see if You’re the one to give me something I can live for?
It gets so hard sometimes
And I’ve been so low, I’ve cried

If You take, take, take this broken heart
Will You make, make, make it beat again?
Can You give, give, me a brand new start?
So would You rescue me tonight?

I’m feeling lost, and all alone
I need You now to rescue me tonight
I’m in the dark, nowhere to go
I heard ‘em say, You can rescue me tonight

I’m wide awake, but I feel like I’m still living in a nightmare
Tried everything, tried to fit in but still end up getting let down
It gets so hard sometimes
I’ve been so low, I’ve cried

I feel, like a drop in the ocean
In this life, I’m tired and broken
Can I find, a way out
Jesus You, my only hope
Here I am, crying out
Save me


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