Does God exist?

The lesson entitled ‘Does God Exist?’ looks at the themes of the existence of God structured for Year 7 to Year 11

     Basic outline

  • Daniel-Intro
  • Song
  • Ice Breaker/Game
  • Point 1: Initiates by asking the question, ‘Who is God?’ Talks about the common ways in which people view God
  • Song
  • Point 2: Asks the question, ‘Why are we here?’ Talks about the creation story from Genesis in the Bible and explores the purpose of life
  • Song
  • Point 3: Personal story
  • Song
  • Q & A


Actual outline

‘Does God exist?’ Lesson

Purpose of Lesson: To help the students understand the nature of the Christian faith.


– Talk about the different views people have of God

– Evaluate how Christians find their sense of value through what the Bible says

– Talk about the different views of the existence of the universe

– Participate in games and activities

– Listen and hear songs performed by the team relating to the theme

– Have opportunity to ask the team any question they may have relating to the subject of the lesson or the Christian faith