Come Alive

Hanging out on the beach in the sun
With my friends, playing to our favourite songs
We were just kids, just living like we were young
I just wanted a place to belong
To find somewhere I could call home
There must be more to life than this

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m ready for this
Long time coming, but I’m taking a risk
Long time coming, long time coming

Woah, You, You make me come alive
Woah, together we can burn bright
Woah, Your love burns through the darkest night
Exploding like the sunrise
This feeling, You make me come alive
Hey, You make me come alive
Ho, You make me come alive
Woah, this feeling

The days were long, but the time seemed short
Didn’t want this time to ever end
Why was I left feeling alone again
But, You, you make me come alive
You’ll be with me ‘till the end of time
Home, is wherever I am with You

You, You make me feel like
Like a supernova, it becomes so real when
When Your love takes over


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